Katherine (kitanaor) wrote in uwajimaya_peeps,

Restaurant Review: Purple Dot Cafe

Location: Maynard Avenue between Weller and King
Price: <$15/person

The Good
    Denny's Hong Kong style. Menu is in the same range of price and the decor is in the same taste, maybe even nicer. The music is upbeat and there are TVs. The menus did not have descriptions of their food, but that made me more adventurous.

    A huge variety of drinks, snacks, appetizers, and Asian-style prepared food. The restaurant stays open really late!

The Bad
    We sat in the non-smoking section, but when I got home, my clothes smelled faintly of smoke. And I've seen quicker waiters. I never did get my water that I asked for.

Rating (on a scale from 1 to 10): 7.5
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